What is a treadmill?
"A treadmill is a piece of indoors sporting equipment used to allow for running without moving any distance. The word treadmill originally designated a type of mill which was operated by a person treading steps of a wheel to grind grain"
defnition: wikipedia

When you buy a treadmill look for the following details.
Company history and reputation
Quality of the components in the treadmill
Country of manufacture
After sale service

There are so many features available with the current day treadmills. Safety key, Push button facilities, heart rate monitor, handgrips, wide foot rails are some of the features some of the treadmills possessed. Some of the features are un necessary and will only increase the price of the treadmill. Look for the treadmill which gives you actual work out. The prices of the treadmills ranges from 300 $ to 1000 $ . There are more expensive treadmills are also there. But as said earlier they are all just for show. Always remember you are buying a fitness equipment not an antique piece.Cheaper treadmills costing less than $1,000 not only carry shorter warranties, but most also don't perform as well in tests. While they may be lighter in weight, inexpensive treadmills can also be less stable, offer fewer features and have smaller and narrower belts. In some treadmills unexpected acceleration causes injuries. So In these cases better history of the fitness equipment company will help. Testimonials from other users of treadmills are a valuable piece of information. If you want to look great and feel healthy you have to work at it. That generally requires a vigorous exercise routine. Of all the various types of exercise equipment that come and go, there is one that is still a major contender, and that is the exercise treadmill. 

Why treadmills?
Home Treadmills have experienced substantial growth over the years. Home treadmills are considered as the ultimate fitness equipment for cardiovascular working out. The main advantage of treadmills is they are easy to use and you can burn out calories staying in home or watching TV or without leaving your kid, without worrying about heat, cold, wind, ice, cars, potholes, dogs or scary people. Commercial treadmills as used in Health Clubs, heavy traffic Gyms, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Apartment and all types of Fitness Centers. Commercial treadmills have a broad appeal to all ages and fitness levels and are the top-used equipment in health clubs. If you are a fitness conscious person then treadmill is exactly for you. The modern day treadmills are never a space killer. They are compact and can be folded in a micro size. 

Buying treadmill through the web.
Buying a treadmill on the Web will save you both time and money. Purchasing fitness equipment over the internet has grown exponentially recently. Think about the features you desire, and the price range you can afford before you begin looking for a specific model from among our treadmills prices list. 

Interesting facts about treadmills
Nowadays horses are being trained on specially designed treadmills for increasing their endurance.



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