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Hi all Today I thought I will the famous musiris excavation site. So I caught up with one of my friends (who in turn has some acquaintance there in musiris. Being a sunday he agreed. So we went on my motorbike. I was so much thrilled by the thought of getting a chance to see the excavation site and the ancient Roman artifacts being dug out from the ground in real. We reached there after half hour ride. I was amazed to see the neighborhood there. Nobody was interested in knowing that the land they are now residing was a place where Romans, Egyptians and Greeks had their shore leave when they came here for trade. Just imagine those handsome men trying on girls of musiris ...well sometime in the past may be some date in BC,..he he he... wild imagination. The place of the musiris port where they found the amphoras , the laden boat and the jetty is now looking like an abandoned site. There was no trace of any excavations as the archaeologists refilled the site with earth. I heard that they are coming back in a month or so for more digging in the place. It was really funny to see the great musiris port now. Just see for yourself. I heard that the amphoras and other artifacts were been taken to some museum till musiris have their own museum.

This is the famous musiris excavation site now. The archaeologists filled the site with earth. Once this was a famous port in south asia where Romans, Greeks and Egyptians conducted trades.Can You believe it..!

Can You see a black goat there. May be a direct descendant of some Egyptians goats... he he lol. You never know.

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