Musiris(Muziris) excavations on february 2010

              The excavations in musiris is also been productive for archaeologists this time too.A full figure of a pouncing lion carved in good detail on a expensive semi precious stone and also a bright micro metal object with intricate designs are also excavated from musiris in the latest excavations in last february.These are two of the special objects found from pattanam. Copper antimony rods, (These are usually associated with cosmetic use), were also in the list of found objects.The expensive semi precious stone with the lion figure in it is 2 cm and is rounded at the edge. Experts believe It must be a  part of a pendant or a ring.The lion figure  is yet to be carbon dated , but by the depth it was found it must be tentatively placed in the early historic period — 1st century BCE to 4th century CE. During this time that trade with the West Asian and Roman ports was in full swing. Here is the list of findings in February 2010.

1. Antiquities of small size - beads of both semi-precious stones
2. Glass, pendants or lockets
3. Cameo blanks, coins, (predominantly early Chera coins, with symbols of elephant, bow and arrow)
4. Objects or fragments of objects made of iron, copper, lead and rarely gold,
5. Sherds of Indian and foreign pottery.
6. A broken rim with Brahmi script. This is the first pre-firing pottery inscription finding at Pattanam.
7. Enormous quantity of local pottery of the early Historic Period, which is dated between first century BC and fourth century AD, showing that this was the peak activity stage of Pattanam.


Anonymous 4:33 AM  

Thank-you for help but I want to know more about Musiris and Rome . the connection in them and how you find it out.

1234 10:27 PM  

hi you can know more abouit the rome connections from the musiris page,..the link


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